The Automotive Industry with its growing demand has caught attention of global auto-manufacturers to enter new and emerging markets while local companies gear up to build up and expand their existing manufacturing capacities to take advantage of the strengthening economy. But volatile raw material costs, unavailability of key components, cyclical time pressures, import-export regulations, currency fluctuations, stringent government controls and compliances have not made it easy for the automotive industry to enjoy a sustainable growth resulting in auto-manufacturers working on thin margins. The automotive manufacturing industry needs to overcome these challenges and engage in a proactive production system that is configured to meet local demands and conditions while offering solutions to these and other emerging issues.

SyncSystems ERP not only provides practical solution to the automotive manufacturers to efficiently manage their material resources, supply-chain management and meet regulatory compliances, but also offers stringent cost control measures to increase profit margins and thereby achieve sustainable growth.
A solution that has synchronized the way our procurement process flow has linked with our just-in-time inventory system and built a strong supply-chain network. We enjoy a relationship with Hot-Biz not as a mere vendor-customer, but as a partner in our efforts of organization process refinement that adds to business value. We hope that our business relationship will continue to grow and prosper in years to come.

Manish Nigam  
Vice President  
Krishna Ishizaki Auto Ltd  

Consumer Durables segment remains one of the fastest growing industries globally. Increased consumption index is making this segment attractive for companies to explore new frontiers. To keep pace with the advancement in technology while continuing to innovate and meet customer preferences and demands, companies need to easily detect obsolete and stock-out products while exploring new product lines and maintain high quality standards along with a sophisticated inventory management system. Moreover, strong distribution network through vendor syndication is highly critical in delivering on-time.

Consumer Durables Industry

SyncSystems ERP presents the key solution for the consumer durables manufacturer in the form of robust inventory management, comprehensive reporting, quality controls and complete functional integration and business automation which enables quick response time.
We have been using SyncSystems ERP provided by Hot Biz Systems Pvt. Ltd. in our organization for more than a decade now. We feel it is an excellent and cost effective ERP system which provides a complete solution for managing resources effectively. We are also very satisfied with their uninterrupted commitment in terms of service support and close interaction

Sudhanshu Mohanty  
General Manager  
Eltek SGS Pvt Ltd  

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Pharmaceuticals Industry is constant research and development in product innovation and technology. It is also vital to maintain brand image as a key to remaining competitive in the environment.  Companies aim to improve operational efficiencies and minimize procurement costs, thereby gaining control over prices. A large chunk of their business depends on business to business network capabilities, for which there is need for a sophisticated platform.

SyncSystems understands the complexities and challenges confronting the pharmaceutical industry and is suited to meet its specific needs and demands. It enables accurate planning and forecasting, efficient vendor management and price sensitivity analysis, thus providing an edge in a competitive environment.
"We have known Hot-Biz for more than a decade as the people with a rare blend of domain knowledge and technical expertise for building complex software applications. We have experienced successful scalability and migration across platforms with SyncSystems. It has enabled us to enjoy ease of information flow with single truth of data as well as management control. The integration of modules helps employees communicate and my team feels that they work under one umbrella with a common goal in mind. The support and service received from Hot-Biz is also exceptional."

Narender Prasad  
Dy Manager  
Sanat Products Limited

This Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) dominated industry thrives extensively on infrastructure and capital capabilities. The nature of the industry is allied and it relies heavily on the demand and supply constraints of other industries, hence requiring an extensive network of supply chain coordination. Most of the companies in this segment seek new finance opportunities and look at ways to restructure their interest costs. Also, being relatively a foreign exchange earner, it is sensitive to currency fluctuations and market movements. Therefore it becomes imperative to have a sound financial forecasting and accounting system.

The implementation of SyncSystems ERP modules can not only focus on industry specific issues, but comprehensively provide a one-stop solution to the inter-related facets of component manufacturing business. The integrated supply chain management system and financial support system with best practices allow for proactively and efficiently managing resources .
We have been using SyncSystems ERP at our Brush Division for over 10 years now, and are extremely satisfied with its performance. We are very pleased with Hot-Biz's domain & technical expertise as they have offered us scalable solutions & smooth system migration across the platform. Their system has enhanced our business value by optimizing our entire processes from production planning to dispatch.

Sanjiv Kumar Tyagi  
AGM (Finance)  
Indeutsch Industries Pvt Ltd

Globalization and shrinking trade barriers is opening up export opportunities in the Engineering Industry. This industry has long evolved from just local technical know-how to servicing international clients for their expertise. More often than not, most engineering companies are now involved in co-developing products and look out for opportunities to scale their operations for leveraging their businesses.  The key focus of the engineering industry is efficiency in the automation levels at different junctures of complex processes. The challenge however remains in the co-ordination with the vendor base and the importance of timely deliveries and schedules.

SyncSystems, with its fully automated and integrated modules, aids in planning, forecasting and comprehensive scheduling to assist in the complex business processes of the Engineering Industry, along with supply chain capabilities to overcome the intricate challenges of procurement.
"Our company's Financial Accounts are being fully maintained by the financial module of SyncSystems' ERP for the past 10 years. Apart from the routine work of accounting, we are successfully monitoring our Bank Reconciliation, Tax Forms, and Vat Reports from the system. SyncSystems has helped us in reconciling vendors and customer accounts. With Balance sheet and various other reports easily accessible in the system, our audit of accounts goes smoothly."
Anupam Sharma   
Chief Financial Officer   
Plasser (India) Pvt Ltd   


One industry that produces the country's human capital and builds the very foundation for its socio-economic structure is the Education Industry. The sector is closely regulated by Government agencies that provide the framework within which organizations operate both privately and publicly. As more and more institutions gear up to transfer flow of knowledge from different countries and seek international accreditation from leading educational institutions, huge investments are rolled out for technology advancement and infrastructure improvements. The sector remains an attractive employment generator and skills developer for companies nurturing talent and as more and more human resources are made available in the country, there is a need for a consolidated system that caters to their ever growing preferences and needs.


SyncSystems' customizable modules are ideal for maintaining and updating ever mounting records and databases with ease of reporting and planning. Its multi-branch feature enables educational organizations to implement one common system for ease of transfer of knowledge to maintain the standards and accreditation processes easily. The consolidated system helps empower people and reflects their preferences.

"The automation with implementing SyncSystems ERP across 3 branches has made us worry free and our staff feels satisfied with the results. The software has been ideally customized to suit our needs of billing cycles, maintaining detailed student records as well as salary processing. Being able to retrieve any student's information as well as the simplified transfer process are very convenient tools."

Modern School New Delhi  
Head Mistress  
R.S. Junior Modern School New Delhi  
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