Are You getting The Most Out Of Your Accounting System?

The most fundamental purpose of any accounting system is to provide an effective internal control mechanism and certain basic reports required for business analysis. But how many of these accounting systems actually deliver advanced level features that meet the strategic business objectives and generate a greater return on investment?  Lets see if you are getting the most out of your accounting system or it is time for you to move onto a more sophisticated accounting solution.
5 Critical Success Factors When Implementing ERP Software

So you have finally made that long-pending decision of adopting an ERP Software solution in your organization but seldom do you realize that this is just a small first step towards achieving your objective of reducing operation costs and increasing your profit margins.
Cloud Vs On-Premise ERP

Are you confused like most small businesses about the market hype of whether to invest in the emerging new technology called Cloud ERP or still acquire a more mature and developed On-Premise ERP Software? Well the good news is that you are not alone. Both solutions have benefits and risks associated with them. The challenging question however is which one should you go for? Lets get straight into the main differences of both these options and find out...
Simple Mechanism to Evaluate Vendor Performance

A key area of the procurement process that most purchase managers neglect is the mechanism to evaluate their vendors or suppliers performance in order to estimate the suppliers real technical or quality competencies with respect to the delivered products.
Raising Finance for SME Sector

Market sentiments may seem gloomy and uncertain due to the currently shifting economic and political policies which invariably affect the financial climate. At such times, most major lenders closely monitor and tighten the flow of funding, restricting it to only selective accounts that reflect credibility. In such cash strapped scenarios, the SME sector gets hit the hardest, mainly due to the liquidity crunches in the market and face the most daunting task of keeping it going.
Have You Identified Your Loopholes?

Your company could potentially be losing millions without you even being aware of it. This could be due to loopholes in the way you conduct your operations or an inefficient system that cannot detect or track these loopholes.
Secret To Simplify Excise Compliance

We know from speaking with various manufacturing units, that numerous government and regulatory compliance, especially those related to Excise are taking away too much of your productive time.
Real Reasons for Poor Employee Performance

Many employees feel dissatisfied with their jobs at one point or another. Some employees leave their jobs for better opportunities, while others choose to stay. Employees with low job satisfaction can negatively affect a company because they typically lack motivation, perform poorly and possess negative attitudes. These symptoms can directly affect a companys bottom line. Managers should understand the reasons employees are unhappy at work. Understanding the causes can help managers find the right solutions.
How Do You Relieve a Major Material Scheduling Headache?

Keeping up with scheduling changes can get to be overwhelming. It takes a lot of time to get your schedule just right, carefully assigning each raw material according to their availability, order levels, and how much sales you anticipate.
6 Ways to Evaluate Your System

So, millions have already been invested in your desired software solution that was to bring about improvement in the quality of the product offerings, manage resources most efficiently and more importantly improve on those thin margins. But seldom do top bosses evaluate such investments that continue to shape their direction in the race for sustainability.
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