The initial analysis focuses on our implementers applying their expertise to understand your business processes, the current operational model, work flow automations and the future plans or strategies to be implemented. Based on this evaluation, any identified bottlenecks in the current system as well as inter-departmental dependencies are highlighted. Our implementers then help formulate necessary technology strategies and seek to analyse how much mandatory customisation is warranted for the required solution to achieve the desired outcome.


The next step is the installation of the ERP software, which our trained technicians deliver in the most cost-effective and time bound manner. The implementation team is deployed to initiate the migration process as per the technical codes ensuring this stage is completed smoothly without interrupting the regular business flow as much as possible. Assistance in functional support consists of gap analysis, cleaning, organizing and migration of current operational data from old applications, as well as configuring the ERP system for reporting and implementing security. Our implementation consultants seek feedback as well as test the system to identify any performance bottlenecks and apply fixes.


A comprehensive training course has been designed to ensure that the end users and respective business representatives are well versed with accessing and using the system in the most efficient and prolific manner. Our trainers are experienced to engage in various delivery methods including informal one-on-one sessions or more formal settings for larger groups. Our knowledge centre has useful step-by-step guides and detailed manuals to help you have ease of access at anytime. Online classroom training, webinars and other innovative techniques are currently being explored to give you cost-effective and time saving solutions.


Our implementation and support team ensure that the transition onto the new platform is successfully underway. Our enduring post implementation support program is designed to make sure that you are getting the best from the system in integrating the enterprise, and to continually improve its effectiveness across the organisation. Our remote as well as on-site support capabilities allow us to quickly respond to any technical assistance. The enhanced facilities to log incidents via internet, email or by phone could solve most issues that need urgent attention. Our annual maintenance support program covers a broad range of support services including latest news, software updates and upgrades to further enhance your experience.


There is an optional and additional business processes outsource service offered. Our dedicated employee will be engaged to offer these services on a contractual basis and provide a cost- effective, highly qualitative and timely delivered processing unit. The regular progress reporting keeps you updated and ensures that it offers a strategic fit to your organization.
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